A Frill-filled First Post

blueshirt1 2

It’s funny to write about clothing, isn’t it? To look at an ensemble filled with articles of clothing unable to speak and yet they say so much. I guess I can be their translator.

When I was brainstorming my first post, I thought about a recent outfit that made me feel almost as good as the day was. It was one of those perfect summer days that makes you feel a certain type of adventurous when words like “wanderlust” or “carpe diem” seem to spin around in your head while the sun is shining and your car windows are rolled down while music streams out onto the highway. Okay, this may sound like a generalized movie scene but who says that life can’t be that way at least every once in a while? Anyway, on this particular day I had nothing specifically planned (which is rare for me because I’m a self-diagnosed compulsive planner) but I knew what I wanted to wear. I’m lucky enough to have a fashionista for a mom who’s willing to share her closet with me, so when she came into my room that random Tuesday morning and gave me an off-the-shoulder powder blue top with ruffled bell sleeves, the rest of the outfit became a confirmed plan in my head. I called one of my best friends and said that I needed a destination for this outfit (which would be weird to most people but she just knows me by now) so we decided on a trip to Huntington Village, a cute town on Long Island. Have I mentioned I’m a native New Yorker?


My friend picked me up and we took our trip down, again with nothing in mind other than the picturesque shops and boutiques that we knew were good for window shopping. Ultimately, we ended up going to a homemade ice cream shop and wandering into a park that seemed straight out of a Disney movie complete with bridges, trails, cottages, murals and enough animals to sing an entire chorus and then help a girl get dressed (even though I was settled on my outfit already). Back to that, it was perfect and exactly what I needed for the day. The top was slightly cropped and loose, letting the summer air breeze beneath it keeping me cool while also creating a beautiful structured movement effect with the fabric that held its shape nicely. I paired it with a pair of white jeans with rips at my knees that are surprisingly comfortable and my go-to tan sandals. Lastly, I brought out two of my absolute favorites, my Chanel sunglasses and my Alice & Olivia bag (I call her Liv for short). The look was simple enough, but the top and accessories added a nice elegance to the otherwise casual and comfortable look.

Ultimately, that day was a normal day, nothing crazy, elaborate or planned. But, there was value in that. Seeing one piece of clothing, one shirt, skirt or even a pair of heels, can create a picture in your head and can even inspire an adventure. Listen to that and listen hard because even though an ensemble can’t talk, it can definitely motivate an entire day that is (almost) as unforgettable and perfect as how great you felt in it!

Until next time,



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