#Tbt – New Orleans


This was by far one of the most magical places I have ever been to. I went with my parents and my boyfriend for five days and there wasn’t nearly enough time to see all that New Orleans had to offer. Even though this city is located in Louisiana, the culture is so infused by French and Spanish influences, melting together to create a soulful and artistic atmosphere that is practically contagious. Streets are lined with live bands and pastel colored houses with intricate iron finishings and is overwhelmed by the smell of comfort food and jazz music. Artists sit in the middle of Jackson Square and paint the surroundings while tarot card readers predict the futures of curious tourists. From the enticing (and slightly creepy) voodoo shops to the antique boutiques and thrift shops, there is simply too much to see or describe in one post alone. So, for now let’s focus on Frenchmen Street.

My boyfriend and I walked down this curvy street full of cascading iron gates and technicolor walls. Live jazz music smoothly made its way through the air and into our ears and we couldn’t help but feel like we were a part of it all, the culture that surrounded and overcame us. We shook our heads to the beats that surrounded us and every so often my boyfriend (who is the best man/photographer in the world) would tell me to stand in front of a wall and strike a pose. I gladly did and as I stood in front of these walls, these pieces of history that had lived in, contained and defined the history of New Orleans, I saw ourselves entirely in the present, living in the moment, and I imagined for just that one moment that we became a part of that history.

IMG_8899My choice in ensemble didn’t hurt that sentiment. My open-shouldered, flowing pink peasant top mimicked the soft colors of the walls that surrounded me. My light-washed jeans with slight rips at my knees further accentuated the distinct New Orleans colors as well as my outfit. Lastly, my Fendi pink and purple reflective sunglasses with a crystal cat eye were the perfect finishing touch to my look, making me feel as chic and artistic as the ambience of Frenchmen Street. That day was one that I would never forget because it wasn’t just the outfit or the amazing company that made me feel at home, it was the city and the culture that enveloped us and made it (almost) impossible to leave.

Until next time,


P.S- Want to get the look? Check out the links attached in the article!


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