Brand Shoutout: Sienna Alexander London 

When I discovered Sienna Alexander London on Instagram, I was automatically obsessed. This sunglass designer based in Italy brings back timeless style with new flare in all of its unique shades, making any girl feel like a red carpet runner in Golden Age Hollywood. The European brand takes its inspiration from the diverse, cultural city of London, England and brings a sense of high-end luxury for a completely reasonable price. Between the right look and the right price point, what more could a girl want for a new pair of shades?

After stalking the tracking number for my sunglasses (I was clearly very excited), I was so happy with their packaging and general look! They came in a chic sunglass case clearly labeled with the designer’s name on the front as well as the inside cover, and were packaged within the case in a silk grey sleeve, accompanied by a sunglass cleaning cloth. All around, the presentation exuded luxury and style.

Once I took my sunglasses out of their sleeve I was even more thrilled. I went with the W8 Kensington/Sun on Me for my choice of shades and I couldn’t be happier with them. Their translucent, slightly yellow oversized cat-eye frame was as unique and couture as it was versatile. The gradient brown lens added a light touch to the glasses, giving them a bohemian feel on top of their general glamor. I find them completely flattering, fun, comfortable and perfect for dressing up an outfit and really making a statement!

With prices ranging between $120 and $170 and countless styles to choose from, this brand is really a no brainer and will add a little extra one-of-a-kind touch to any ensemble. Ultimately, I highly recommend Sienna Alexander London and will be purchasing my next pair very soon!

Until next time,


P.S – Want the look?! Click the hyperlink in the article above and buy your next pair of shades! Also, check out their fabulous Instagram!

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