Shoulder-less Sleeves at San Gennaro Feast

On a spontaneous Friday afternoon, me and my best friend decided to check out the San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy, NYC. From what I’ve heard of the feast, that it was literally a feast jam-packed with food for practically countless city blocks, it was safe to say I was more than a little excited. Once we arrived, I was welcomed by the sweet smell of Italian spices and freshly baked pastries. Vendors offering everything from freshly made sausage to creatively flavored risotto bites invaded the streets downtown Manhattan… and no one was complaining about it. On top of the addictive food, carnival games were intermingled among the vendors and were accompanied by a huge ferris wheel, bringing anyone who walked by right back to their childhood.

After walking through the festival multiple times, I ended up grabbing a nutella-flavored gelato from Ferrarra NYC, one of New York’s oldest Italian bakeries that has been a staple of Little Italy since 1892. It wasn’t a shock that Ferrarra lived up to its reputation, the gelato was refreshing and delicious until the very last bite.

In terms of my ensemble (food distracts me from the fact that this is a fashion blog), I opted for a shoulder-less, long-sleeved floral romper from Mystique Boutique and a pair of brown booties, courtesy of Cole Haan (and my boyfriend who surprised me with them). In mid to late-September, it can be difficult to grab the right clothes out of your closet when the weather goes from warm to chilly in a matter of minutes. That’s what made me choose my romper – the sleeves kept me warm in the shade but the open, strapless style on top kept me cool when the Sun decided to make an appearance. The floral pattern also created a summertime vibe, but was brought back to reality by the brown booties that reminded me of the impending fall. Ultimately, the feast was even better than I could have imaged and my transitional wardrobe choice kept me feeling cute and comfy the whole way through!

Until next time,


P.S – Want to get the look?! Click the links attached in the article and shop your heart out 😉

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