Halloween DIY: The Artist

With Halloween right around the corner, are you looking for a cute (and affordable!) DIY costume that goes beyond the stereotypical cat or school girl? I suggest getting a little creative and becoming an artist! With just a few simple steps you can become the fashion-forward version of Da Vinci 😉

  1. Pick out a white dress – I would suggest picking out a dress that’s at least somewhat tight so the smock can stand out against it. Don’t have a plain white dress somewhere in your closet? Check out the one I found for $15.90 at Forever21!
  2. Take a trip to your local art store and grab a smock – A smock can range in price, but I found mine from Michaels for $6.49! This accessory is super affordable, surprisingly flattering, and will really make your status as an artist clear. Not to mention, you’ll be spill-proof the entire night (and on Halloween, that’s a very good thing).
  3. While you’re at the art store, grab some paint- paint and splatter your smock with nice bright colors to give your costume a little extra artistic edge!
  4. Grab a pair of eye-catching heels -I decided to go for a pair of coral red Steve Madden stilettos that were only $36.99 from DSW, but feel free to choose whatever bright or patterned shoe you want! Either way, they’ll be sure to add a nice pop of color and bring out the not-so-accidental paints streaks on your smock.
  5. Last but not least, buy a beret– this French-inspired accessory will be the last and perfect touch to your look! I found mine at H&M for $3.99!

Pretty simple and super cheap right? Have a blast putting this costume together and make yourself a walking masterpiece this coming Halloween!

Until next time,


P.S- Want to avoid leaving the comfort of your home but still want to pull together this outfit? Check out the links in the article above!

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