Holiday Lookbook: Fall Fashion Feels

Have you gone on your obligatory pumpkin and apple picking trip for this October season yet? If not, consider getting a little dressed up for this year’s outing!

I spent my Friday afternoon at F&W Schmitt Farms in Melville, Long Island. This charming farm sprawls out across acres of land, offering fresh seasonal crops, as well as an expansive pumpkin patch. With so much to explore, me, my best friend and my thigh-highs were ready to start our adventure.

My autumn ensemble to accompany my excursion was inspired by one article of clothing: a burnt orange cape coat, purchased from CAMI’s Boutique in Roslyn, New York. This coat embodies the fall with its festive orange hue and Red Riding Hood-esq flair. I paired it with a black and white striped long-sleeve shirt from H&M that peaked out from underneath the hooded sleeves of the jacket, giving the look a Halloween-inspired, sophisticated touch. I threw on a suede button-up skirt from Pacsun and finished off the outfit with my favorite thigh-high black suede boots, courtesy of Steve Madden.

After walking through the pumpkin patch, deciding on a miniature one (also known as a munchkin, adorably), and getting chased around by a toddler for a full five minutes because he couldn’t stop staring at my shoes (I guess that’s what I get for wearing thigh-highs in a pumpkin patch) my fall-filled day was complete.

Go out and embrace your inner autumn, ladies!

Until next time,


Want the look for less? Check out the links in the article above!

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