Trend Tip: The Embroidered Tank (Oh, and Tea Time!)

Now that Fall is actually in the air, warm up with a warm cup of tea at Robinson’s Tea Room in Stonybrook, Long Island! This cozy spot is filled to the brim (pun intended) with a variety of delicious teas, pastries and savory food. I opted for a three-tier sample, which included a warmed cinnamon scone with butter and jam, an array of savory finger sandwiches, an aesthetic dessert spread, and bottomless tea. After enjoying all of the food almost too much, my waitress came by with a miniature sample of a limited edition tea they had in stock that day: apple crumb french toast. I thought I was a tea person before trying this flavor, but between the sweet smell and the even better taste, I was hooked and had to buy a bag for myself.

In terms of my ensemble, I was inspired by the intricate details found on every teacup in Robinson’s Tea Room and wore an embroidered tan and black sheer tank top from CAMI’s Boutique in Roslyn, Long Island. With hand-stitched details, a high neckline and a flowing, breathable texture, this tank top left me feeling as stylish as the table setting and tea cup I was using. I paired my tank with a suede tie choker (tied in a bow, of course), black jeans, my favorite thigh-high black boots, and  an olive green leather jacket to offset the black and bring out the vibrance of the tan in the top. I highly recommend buying a detailed tank top on your next shopping spree because they have a timeless appeal, can be dressed up and dressed down, and are as elegant as they are comfortable!

So, go out and treat yourself to an embroidered, elegant tank top and a trip to Robinson’s Tea Room… that spot will be your new cup of tea (again, pun intended).

Now inspired by my very British tea time, ta ta for now!

~ Katherine



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