Holiday Lookbook: Three Times the Halloween Charm

Happy post-Halloween, people! Now that the costume-craze-candy-consumption is over, I figured I would do a recap of my costumes for some inspo next year.

#1. The Modern Mermaid

For my first Halloween look, I followed in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian and her interpretation of the classic mermaid costume. Instead of wearing a decorated bra, which was what was available 99.9% of the time online, I opted for a more elegant pearl corset. I paired my glam top with a mermaid-fitted skirt (conveniently), complete with a scale print and a slight iridescent shimmer. I accessorized this look with a shell tiara fit for the Little Mermaid herself and a pearl and gold choker. Last, but definitely not least, I embraced my inner mermaid and added some scales to the side of my face and some blue and green eyeshadow to tie the ensemble together. Although the makeup looks complicated, all it took was wetting my eyeshadow brush with some makeup setting spray, taking a pair of fishnet stockings, and going over the lines with the different colored shadows! Between the costume being surprisingly comfortable while maintaining a unique, stylish feel and the makeup being a breeze, I seriously suggest you set sail on this costume next year! … sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

#2. The Glamorous Gypsy

My next look was a little darker than my first, and I really enjoyed embracing it. As I was brainstorming about a second Halloween costume idea, I decided on the gypsy because it seemed unique, could be personalized easily, and would allow me to experiment with some dark makeup tones. I started this look with a cropped peasant top with bell sleeves and paired it with a patterned, long, peasant-style skirt. I took the look a step further and tied a white fringed shall around my waist, and layered a gold coin belt on top of it. As much as my gypsy side was already conveyed, the accessories and makeup really completed the ensemble. I wore a TON of cheap gold jewelry (courtesy of Forever21), a gold coin headpiece, and made my eyes, lips and cheekbones as dark as the sky on Halloween night.

#3. The Classy Clue Characters

My third and final Halloween look was surprisingly the easiest of them all: Miss Scarlett from everyone’s favorite board game, Clue. I kept this look relatively simple…well, as simple as it could be while also wearing a ball gown. Remember how I mentioned a while ago that my mom was a fashionista? Yeah, this was her dress that was sitting in her closet. I’ve been in love with it since I was a little girl, so finally getting a chance to wear it was a bucket list item officially accomplished. The dress, courtesy of CAMI’s Boutique in Roslyn, embodied Miss Scarlett as it sported a corset lacing all the way down the back, a mermaid-fit, lace off-the-shoulder sleeves, and a red lace deep-v cut down the front. I finished off this look with a black choker and rouge on my lips…oh, and my date, Mr. Green, of course.

Alright, that’s all for now! Hopefully these little not-so-scary looks will bring you some inspiration next Halloween because, really, you know true Halloween lovers are just waiting for it to come around again.

Until next time,


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