Brand Shoutout: NewFoundSimplicity

As a self-labeled jewelry addict (especially chokers…I was so excited when those became trendy again), it would be an understatement when I say that I was ecstatic about working with the shockingly chic Etsy shop, NewfoundSimplicity.

NewFoundSimplicity, a recently opened shop owned by Cienna Lujan and based in California, maintains a contemporary, edgy style with unique, handmade pieces that you simply cannot find in mainstream stores. Chokers are Cienna’s specialty, and the variety and high quality of them really shines through with the use of intricate materials, like delicate lace, and statement pieces, such as crystals and rare stones. Already intrigued, right? Well, to top the dream shop off, all of the items range from $6 to $15 (pause to let that sink in…), which is the deal of a lifetime for the priceless pieces you’re getting!

Now, let’s get into specifics. After exploring the shop and seriously debating, I decided on the Czech Black Glass Choker Necklace and the Gray Suede Triple Wrap Choker Necklace. Each of these pieces had their own intricate details, but I’ll let you see them for yourself before I continue.

The Czech Black Glass Choker Necklace has a comfortable, adjustable clasp and an iridescent quality, showing some turquoise and hazel tones as it sits across my neck. The Gray Suede Triple Wrap Choker Necklace is equally as comfortable, but is also extremely versatile as you can wear it in countless ways, and is absolutely elegant with rose quartz wrapped in wire at the ends. Both of these pieces are so refined and different that, while you could genuinely wear them with anything, I opted for some simple tops to let the necklaces shine on their own.

Ultimately, I highly recommend this Etsy shop. I believe it is destined for big things and stands by its name, NewFoundSimplicity, offering people something new, something both wonderfully simple and undeniably detailed, and something that is truly a find.

Until next time,


P.S – Check out NewFoundSimplicity’s website here and their Instagram account here (@NewFoundSimplicty) to beautify your feed 😉

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