Brand Shoutout: JL Heart

Remember that feeling of excitement you used to get when you were little and looked through the mail hoping there was something in it with your name on it? Well, that giddy, childlike anticipation came back to me when I anxiously awaited my package from JL Heart to arrive at my doorstep. Once it came, I couldn’t have been more pleased!

I ripped open the package to find a beautifully wrapped, dainty silver box inside with a silk bow and the letters “JL HEART” imprinted on it. Accompanying this elegant packaging was a cleaning cloth and a note, both accompanied by the company’s charming name, as well. As if I wasn’t happy enough, once I opened the box my jaw genuinely dropped in awe. I gazed at what may have been the most beautiful, delicate, elegant, well-crafted pieces of jewelry I had ever seen.

Now, before I show you these pieces, let me explain who JL Heart is and why I was more than excited to work with them. JL Heart is a jewelry company based in Singapore and created by Juat Li, previously an auditor who decided to pursue her passion for creating jewelry, and safe to say this decision paid off. Li designs and creates her own jewelry, while simultaneously promoting them via social media and her beautiful website. Her designs range from necklaces to earring and frequently include unique gemstones, differing finishes, and are inspired by nature and positive energy. Speaking of positive energy, let’s get back to the endless amount of positive energy I was experiencing while opening my package!

I mean come on, this is genuinely stunning!

There were three necklaces in total, but the differing lengths and matching gold finishes allowed for seamless layering. Each necklace was equally refined and intricate, yet incredibly unique and different. The smallest of these necklaces was a gold choker with a circle in the middle, called the Dainty Open Circle Choker Necklace. I gravitated towards this piece because I knew how versatile it could be; it’s length allowed for casual or formal use and made for a great accessory to throw on with any ensemble. The next necklace was the Dainty Gem and Nameplate Necklace, complete with a gold finish for both layers of the necklace, an emerald stone on one, and a perfectly personalized gold plate with my name engraved on it on the other. This piece was my absolute favorite! Typically, necklaces with names engraved on it tend to be tacky, bulky, unclear, or anything in between. This necklace is the polar opposite with its delicate, clear, hand-crafted writing, its minimalist style, its eye-catching gemstone, and its elegant appeal. Last, but certainly not least, laying perfectly between the layers of the nameplate necklace was the Pearl Bar Necklace. This piece is simply exquisite and boasts a string of dainty pearls in a structured row that is complemented by the delicate gold filled chain that hangs at ease as it holds the ornamental pearls at its center.


All of these necklaces are incredibly versatile and can be worn together, separately, and with any outfit, from simple to sophisticated. I opted for an off-the-shoulder sweater to allow for the pieces to lay across my neck delicately and really shine as bright as the gold and gems that accompany them. Ultimately, I believe that JL Heart has accomplished its goal; its handmade jewelry simply cannot be found in just any store, not just because of its refined, unique elegance, but also because of the love and positivity that comes from Juat Li’s passion for her work and transfers to the customers who are lucky enough to wear her pieces.

Until next time,


P.S – Check out JL Heart’s website here to shop these amazing pieces and their Instagram account here for some daily gem and jewelry inspiration! 🙂

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