Brand Shoutout: Spacebound Enterprise

Even though I’m a chronic over-dresser, every once in a while a sweatshirt can  steal my heart and find a place in my wardrobe. This happened when I had the opportunity  to collaborate with Spacebound Enterprise, and I was more than happy about it.

Spacebound Enterprise is a clothing company based in Jacksonville, Florida that specializes in stylish loungewear at affordable prices. From comfortable sweatshirts to trendy baseball caps, every product is complete with a unique design that is sure to elevate any wardrobe. Most of their designs incorporate the company’s logo, an intricate star, the name of the company, or their inspirational motto, “No Limits.” 

With so many options, it’s safe to say I had a hard time deciding what to choose from Spacebound’s extensive and intriguing line. After some serious debating, I decided on the “Ladies Grey Spacebound Sweater” and the “Ladies Gold Core Sweater.” I chose these two sweaters because they were both so different from each other and really captured how versatile this company is, as well as its products.

The “Ladies Grey Spacebound Sweater” is super comfortable and warm with a soft, fuzzy finish on the inside. As much as I love how it feels, I’m obsessed with the look of this sweater. The word “Spacebound” written in white bold cursive adds a sporty, girly appeal that can be paired with practically anything. Additionally, a detailed white star on the right wrist is the perfect finishing touch to this piece. With that in mind, I decided to pair the grey sweater with my favorite pair of ripped light wash jeans. This look brought out the casual cuteness of this sweater and showed how versatile it really is, especially because it can work all bundled up in the winter or playfully thrown on with a pair of shorts in the summer.

As much as I love the grey sweater, the “Ladies Gold Core Sweater” stole my heart just like I thought it would. This sweater has the same cozy fabric as the first, but flaunts a glittering star as the central design, as well as gold strips on the wrists of the sweater to add some nice detail. I threw this sweater on with my ripped jeans and a black beanie, showing just how versatile these sweaters as well as how much this sweater changes the look in comparison to the grey one. While the grey sweater is sporty and fun, the black sweater is edgy and glamorous.

To accent the edginess of this sweater, I decided to base another ensemble around it to let it shine as bright as the star at its center. I threw on the black sweater with a pair of cross-cross black leather jeans and my favorite black strappy heels. So, whether you throw on this sweater to play in the snow or have a night out on the town, you’re sure to feel cozy and look chic every step of the way.

Ultimately, versatility, style, comfort, and individuality are what makes Spacebound Enterprise such an impressive brand. With so many affordable, amazing products that are perfect for any wardrobe or ensemble, for Spacebound Enterprise there truly are No Limits!

Until next time,


P.S- Check out Spacebound Enterprise’s website here and check out their Instagram account here to send your feed ~over the moon~ 😉 

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