#OOTD: The Boujie Brunch

Today, brunch is practically a tradition for so many people, or at least for (slightly basic) girls like me. When those brunch dates finally come up, you want to make sure you look as fabulous as you feel. With that in mind, here’s a look that I hope will give you some inspiration!

I didn’t match the scenery on purpose, I swear.

For a long-awaited boozy brunch with my friends, I wanted to embrace a sophisticated, edgy look. Since black is practically the emblem for edginess, I decided to opt for an all black ensemble…well, almost. I started with a black structured tank top, complete with a deep-v slit accented with silver rings and a slight peplum-style flair at the bottom. I threw on a fitted pair of high-waisted black jeans with a slight shine to them to flatter the fit and style of the shirt. With a tight top and bottom, I knew I needed the perfect second layer to complement the rest of the look; that’s where my goose feather black jacket came in. Last, but certainly not least, I broke up my all-black outfit with a pop of color: my candy apple red Louis Vuitton bag and my brown and red Louis Vuitton heels.

I love everything about this look. The top is sexy but sophisticated and not too much for a brunch, especially combined with the goose feather jacket that made me feel swanky, edgy and bundled up all at once. While feather or fur coats can be pricy, there are some great alternative faux furs that are much more budget-friendly. The same can be said for the Louis Vuitton accessories I paired with this look that brought necessary color to an otherwise dark ensemble. If you want a hot red bag or heels to brighten up an edgy look without breaking the bank, stores like Forever21 have some seriously sizzling options. Ultimately, this look will leave you feeling pretty and pumped for your boozy (and boogie) brunch!

Until next time,


P.S – Want the look for less? Click the links attached in the article and make this ensemble the latest addition to your wardrobe!

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