Trend Tip: Button Up Midi-Dress

When a food adventure in the city calls, I will almost never say no. So, when you combine a matcha cafe, trendy graffiti walls, and pink and green tables – I’m sold. But, isn’t your outfit just as important as your location or your food? Okay…maybe not just as important, but it’s a close call.

Cha Cha Matcha, a matcha cafe boasting a tropical theme, along with different delicious drinks, gourmet frozen yogurt, and pastries, was the perfect place to start a spring-inspired city day. With that in mind, I needed to pick my outfit that would work with the changing weather and with my newfound aesthetic inspiration in the cafe. 

After staring at my closet for way too long (for the record, that’s nothing new), I opted for an olive green midi-dress with black snap buttons going up the back. I love this dress because it’s the perfect mix of trendy and casual, something you could wear with a pair of flip flops to run errands and with a pair of heels to grab a few drinks at happy hour. For my particular occasion, I decided to wear a pair of chunky black heels and a dark wash jean jacket for those chilly moments throughout the day. Last, but not least, I threw on a pair of oval gold earrings and my Louis Vuitton bag so I could get my day going.

Ultimately, investing in a midi dress with a cute design feature, like some buttons or an open back, can add some serious style and edge to your closet and to your next outfit!

Until next time,


P.S – Looking for your next midi-dress? Have no fear because the link is right here 😉 

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