Brand Shoutout: Bella London

Sometimes it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for some new, unique pieces for your wardrobe, hop across the pond (through a Google search, of course) and check out Bella London!

Bella London caught my attention right away, and I was seriously excited to be working with them. This online boutique is based in the UK and sports some of the most stylish trends of today, from floral embroidery to two-piece separate sets. Of course, I had to make a clearly difficult choice since everything is so beautiful. But, I’m more than happy with the newest editions to my closet, courtesy of this amazing brand!


After searching through Bella London’s fabulous website, I chose the “‘Brooke’ black athletic print long t-shirt/mini dress.” This sporty-chic black and white jersey dress is as comfortable as it is stylish and can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on whether you want to wear your Adidas or your favorite black pumps. Personally, I decided to glam up this piece by pairing it with my go-to black Steve Madden heels, a black and white bag, and a black and silver layered choker to add a little edge to my ensemble. This outfit is perfect for any occassion and will leave you feeling trendy and cozy at the same time (seriously, it feels like a pajama shirt). After all, why not take advantage of the fact that oversized tees are a trend now?

Aside from my new favorite mini dress, Bella London also sent me a stunning pair of pearl earrings and a beautiful rose gold bracelet. Both of these pieces are so dainty and casual, they are just as versatile as my new sporty dress and I’m sure I will wear them just as often if not more.

Ultimately, I’m so grateful to Bella London for sharing some of their favorite pieces with me and I am sure this super chic company has nothing but amazing things in their future!

Until next time,


P.S- check out Bella London’s website here to get a little U.K. fashion in our closet, and check out their Instagram here to elevate your feed to the next level 😉

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