Brand Shoutout Foodie Moment: Hackney Coffee Company

I’m sure that I’m not alone when I say that post-grad life is fast-paced, hectic, and, generally, crazy. Late night studying turns into late night commutes home from work, and naps after class turn into naps…well…never.

I may be new to this whole adulthood thing, but I can guarantee that caffeine definitely helps energize you when you’re going through early mornings and busy late nights. So, energize your body with some Hackney Coffee and energize your workplace wardrobe with some fun and fancy pieces!

Hackney Coffee Co. is a coffee company based in London that focuses on the true value of good coffee. During a backpacking trip in South America, the three founders stumbled upon some of the best coffee they had ever had, and resolved to bring that same great flavor across the pond. According to the website, since the birth of the company in 2015, Hackney Coffee Co. has been “creating a space that celebrate[s] the craft of creating outstanding coffee, in surroundings that encourage you to feel at home, and to savour time.” From my personal experience with the brand, I can confidently say that this company has accomplished this goal, and then some.

It is worth noting that from the moment I looked at the coffee package and held it in my hands, I was absolutely obsessed with the design of it. The skeletal, charming logo brings in a certain South American flare while simultaneously incorporating the classic British charm of bowler hats and curled mustaches. Its striking black-and-white coloring contrasts beautifully with their intricate background designs that sports vibrant colors and chic patterns. It’s safe to say that the design of the packaging had me inspired for a fashionable look worth posting about, along with this amazing brand. But, before I get to that, let me tell you about just how delicious this coffee was.

Jon Penn, the co-founder of Hackney Coffee Co., was kind enough to send me the “Sadler’s Ascent,” a flavor that’s rich and changes seasonally. After brewing the coffee, my kitchenette was consumed by the amazing scent of comfort and warmth that only coffee could bring. The taste was nutty, sweet with a slight bitter tang that makes coffee unmistakeable from anything else. Most of all, though, it was addicting. With just a little cream and sugar, I had found my new caffeine obsession.

In fact, I loved this coffee so much that I decided to skip my Starbucks stop before work and brew myself a cup for the train ride in. This coffee had me feeling energized, and my outfit had me feeling fabulous. For a long work day followed by some busy errands, I wanted an outfit that would keep me feeling comfortable and classy. After all, dressing to impress is very real, especially in the working world.

Taking a page out of Hackney Coffee Co’s book, I opted for a simple blue skirt with a little flair, combined with a girly white off-the-shoulder blouse and a pair of comfortable nude pumps (yes, those do actually exist, I promise!). This ensemble made me feel light and fresh on a perfectly warm summer day, and the Hackney coffee in my hands made me feel confident and ready to take on whatever the day would bring.

Until next time,


P.S – If you’re looking to wake up more pleasantly than what your alarm may provide, check out Hackney Coffee Co’s website. To get some caffeine inspo, follow them on Instagram :*



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