Brand Shoutout: Eat. Pray. Maui

With summer coming to a close (cue the tears), I know it can feel like Fall is right around the corner. But, before you start drinking your Pumpkin Spice Lattes and picking apples, check out Eat. Pray. Maui and let summer live year around in your closet!

Eat. Pray. Maui is an apparel company located in Hawaii with an inspiring message behind its name: “Eat” represents the hunger to be successful, “Pray” represents meditating in order to become your best self, and “Maui” represents letting go of life’s every day stresses and opting for living the “island life,” or a life filled with stress-free happiness. If this company wasn’t inspiring enough, a dollar from every purchase goes towards helping the impoverished in over 80 countries. So, why not add some cute accessories to your closet and donate towards a good cause?

With that in mind, I’ll fill you in on some of their best products and, of course, what amazing products they sent me! Eat. Pray. Maui currently boasts a wide array of baseball caps, from Trucker to SnapBack style, cute and convenient water bottles, and must-have tote bags. Basically, they’re a beach lover’s dream (and, for the record, that totally applies to me too)!

Speaking of which, when I opened my package from Eat. Pray. Maui, I was VERY excited to say the least. Jacques Thurman, Eat. Pray. Maui’s CEO generously sent me the unbelievably cute pink, light brown and gold Trucker hat, the equally as cute, but also edgy, denim SnapBack with Tiffany blue embroidering, and, last but not least, some adorable stickers complete with the company’s logo. As soon as I saw the hats, I knew they would quickly become a part of my beach-wear, and by quickly I mean the next day. So, with no hesitation, I threw on an orange and red bikini with gold embroidering and paired that with my Trucker hat. For my second trip to the beach, I opted for a simple black bikini to let the denim SnapBack shine just a little extra.

Bottom line: this brand is amazing and these hats kept me feeling cool, stylish and on “island time” all day long. So, if you want  to feel like it’s summer time all the time, become a customer of Eat. Pray. Maui and join an inspiring brand with an even more inspiring mission!

Until next time,


P.S – Check out their website here to grab your next favorite hat and check out their Instagram here to add some island inspiration to your feed :*

4 thoughts on “Brand Shoutout: Eat. Pray. Maui

  1. Eat Pray Maui LLC. says:

    Sorry about the delayed response – really delayed, but that’s island life for you.
    We appreciate your shout out and posted it on our website with a direct link to your website.

    We love the way you wear our SWAG – you look beautiful and make us all the better for it!
    Stay Sexy.

    Liked by 1 person

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