Destination: Rome, Italy

Buongiorno! After spending this past week in Rome, Italy, it’s an understatement to say that I have just about a million memories that will last a lifetime, and have much to share with all of you! Since this is predominantly a fashion blog, I promise I’ll try my best to focus on that. But hey, if you also take away some noteworthy sites and restaurants there’s no harm in that, right?

Since the best place to start is the beginning, I’ll fill you in on my first full day in Rome. To keep priorities in order, my boyfriend bought me some gelato because of course that is necessary (also, shout out to him for being my personal photographer this whole trip, I love you and your camera skills!) Then, we explored the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain, both equally historic, photogenic, and absolutely stunning! Last, but certainly not least, we grabbed some dinner at Berzitolli and had by far the most delicious gnocchi I have ever had, then went to the rooftop bar at our hotel for some nightcaps. 

Your taste buds are watering, I know because mine are also as I write this caption.

With such a full day, surrounded by so much natural and architectural beauty, I wanted to wear something comfortable, unique, and stylish. Inspired by the upcoming fall season, I opted for a suede tan skirt with a ruffled bottom and a lace up top, paired with a slightly off the shoulder cotton black shirt, a Chanel necklace, and a comfy pair of black espadrilles. This outfit made me feel one with my surroundings, so chic and European, and I tried to maintain that throughout my time in Rome.

I told you I ate a lot of gelato

This leads me to Day Two’s outfit of choice. Since a tour of Vatican City (definitely a must-see if you visit Italy) requires a certain conservative dress code, I decided to embrace a theme of understated innocence that even the Pope would approve of (get it?). I chose a long white lace dress, paired with a leather jacket and my favorite new Zac Posen off white bag, complete with white leather flowers to help create the perfect edgy, girly flare. In a site so full of elegance and beauty, a little chic simplicity goes a long way. 

The following day was dedicated to shopping near the Spanish Steps. Although the steps are absolutely remarkable and are great for resting your legs, grabbing a snack, or taking advantage of a photo opp, the shopping surrounding the steps is a beautiful sight for a fashion lover like yours truly. For a very fashion-inspired day, I decided on a classically chic ensemble. I threw on a midi-powder pink skirt, a black and white silk graphic tee with the word “Fashion” on it, and my go-to espadrilles. With this outfit on, I felt sophisticated and trendy, even when surrounded by some seriously swanky stores. 

The following day was spent touring the Colloseum and the Roman Forum. It was completely surreal to see something I’ve read about in so many textbooks come to life in front of my eyes, and it was even more amazing than every picture I have ever seen. I wanted to take inspiration from this breathtaking destination, both in color scheme and in theme, for my outfit of choice. I picked out a camouflage twist cropped tee and paired it with a denim black skirt (a necessary article for any closet, for the record) and my new favorite Gucci belt, adding a little bling to the casual look. 

Last, but certainly not least, I can’t round up my week without filling you in on the nightlife, right? As a native New Yorker, I love a fun place with aesthetic looks, good drinks and a trendy theme. Keeping all of that in mind, Rome had some bars and clubs worth talking about and visiting again. Two of my favorite places were the Ice Club and Shari Vari. Ice Club is exactly what you would think: a club entirely made out of ice, from the glasses, to the benches, to the bar. However, this club paid homage to its Roman home and boasted an ice Colloseum and ice statues that were (almost) as good as Michelangelo’s. Shari Vari, on the other hand, looked like it came right out of the club scene in NYC. But, because it’s in Rome, of course you can have some prosciutto while you drink and you can casually have some shots that are lit on fire (seriously, lit on fire). 

For my nighttime outfits, I chose a couple pairs of flare fitted, high wasted pants, some edgy crop tops and jackets to get that chic, simple, sophisticated European look. I did throw in one tight purple club dress with a dropped fabric on the right side, but made sure to pair it with a jacket to keep it appropriate for dinner and for dancing the night away afterward. 

In simple words, Rome was life-changing. I shopped til’ I dropped, I walked through history, and I got to experience my Italian culture up close and personal with some seriously amazing people. If you have some time to get away, pack your suitcases with some stylish looks and take a trip to Rome ASAP!

Fino alla prossima volta,


P.S- Wanna start your trip itinerary and your packing list? Then click the links throughout the article and get your trip planning started! 

*Make a wish*

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  1. Angelica Papasavas says:

    Dear Katherine, I’m glad you enjoyed Rome. The pictures are beautiful and the outfits are gorgeous…….and you look stunning! Love, Aunt Kiki

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