Fashion, Fun & Fall Festivities

Happy Fall people!! Okay, I know Autumn is almost over and winter is right around the corner, but let’s not let that stop us from embracing the season through our actions and, of course, through our wardrobes! So, snuggle up close to that PSL as I take you through three of my favorite fall  looks.

1. Halloween (with a dash of team spirit)

Okay, so your significant other isn’t the biggest on costumes. Well, get creative! For instance, my boyfriend is a die-hard Jets fan (I know, poor thing…just kidding…kind of); so, when he said he wanted to wear a Jets jersey, I automatically hit Amazon. It only took about $70 to snag a cheerleader skirt, some green and white knee high socks, a pair of festive pom poms, and the biggest bow I could find. Once all of that was esembled, along with a turtleneck crop top I conveniently already had, I was ready to ~cheer on~ my boyfriend and friends the whole night through! 

Disclaimer: Will I make my boyfriend dress up like Beauty and the Beast next year to even the costume score? …Definitely 

2. Pumpkin Picking (Farm Stand Edition)

Not going to lie, I missed pumpkin season this year. Granted, with the random heat wave we experienced, I didn’t think the pumpkins were going anywhere anytime soon. But, I was wrong. So, after a failed frantic search for a pumpkin patch, I settled on a quaint farm on Long Island with a stand, some donuts, and some surprisingly aesthetic, rustic walls. Although, I had a harder time picking out my pumpkin than my outfit because, of course, I’ve had that planned out a week in advance. Speaking of which, I opted for an ensemble that matched my location: chic, rustic and festively Fall. I threw on a chunky white v-neck sweater, an olive green suede lace-up skirt, a pair of lace-up knee-high boots, a cozy green plaid scarf, and my favorite pair of Chanel sunnies. With this look, I was ready to pick some pumpkins and pose for some pics. 

3. Night out on the Town

The Fall is the best time to embrace warm hues and materials; velvet, suede, maroon, burnt orange and black are staples in my autumn wardrobe. So, if you have a night out coming up, embrace those dark, seasonal tones and add some edge to your ensemble with unique pieces. The look above is one of my fall faves because it fits right into those categories. The maroon velvet corset bodysuit is that unique piece I’m talking about; it’s eye-catching and different, but can also be a staple in your Fall and winter wardrobe. For this look, I decided to pair it with a leather skirt embroidered with maroon roses, tights, and my favorite Steve Madden thigh high boots. This is a dressier look, but all of these pieces can be separated and dressed down as you please, making every one of them a necessity for your closet.

We may have had a weird Fall season this year, but whether it’s hot or cold, rain or shine, this is the perfect time of year to switch up your wardrobe and embrace a little change. So, grab that skirt you wouldn’t normally try on, throw on some velvet and leather all at once, and show how fabulous, daring, and creative you really are. After all, what’s life, and what’s a wardrobe, without a little adventure once in a while? 

Until next time,


P.S. – Feeling inspired? Click the links throughout the article to shop these looks!

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