Brand Shoutout: Giovanni Ventura Co.

Okay, truth time. Some people say that you can never have enough jewelry, enough shoes, enough sunglasses, etc. First of all, I agree whole-heartedly. But, my mantra is that you can never, ever, have enough handbags. If you’re like me and share a similar sentiment, then you understand the constant search for a bag that is chic, eye-catching, and different, a bag that stands apart from the rest. Well, you are in luck because I have found a bag that is exactly that, courtesy of Giovanni Ventura!

When I received my “Baby Jane (Pinkie Pie)” bag in the mail, elegantly wrapped in black and pink wrapping paper, I knew that it would add a much needed pop of color to many of my more understated looks. After all, a black or white shirt can have beautiful designs or intricate details, but it is still just a black or white shirt that can sometimes come across as muted. In cases like this, a vibrant accessory can take an ensemble from French-simplistic and chic to full on, fresh off-the-runway haute couture.

For example, when I unwrapped my brand new bag, I automatically pictured an outfit I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while. I recently purchased a black and white polka dot cropped shirt with bell sleeves that cinch at the wrists. It is elegant and classically Parisian, and would go great with a pair of high-wasted black jeans and a fur coat. But, I knew it was missing something. When I held Giovanni Ventura’s bag in my hands, I knew that this was the exact missing piece to the puzzle.


Don’t worry, the pain of the heels was totally worth it.

So, I threw on my outfit and excitedly paired it with my new favorite bag. I decided to keep the pink accessories coming and threw on some matching MAC lipstick along with a pair of pink Versace heels that, while extremely uncomfortable, coordinate with the rest of the outfit perfectly. I also decided to throw on a black Moschino belt to bring a little extra bling to the overall look. Bottom line: the bag added exactly what this outfit longed for: an edgy, sophisticated, and fun pop of color.

In terms of the quality of the bag, the leather is soft and genuine, making it just as pleasant to hold as it is to look at. Additionally, the intricate design, from the stitching over the leather to the gold zipper and the leather tassel, accentuate the refined craftsmanship that can only be found in a truly handmade luxury accessory. The cross-body strap, along with the petite size of the bag, make it so convenient for any occasion: from running some errands to going out for a much-needed GNO. Last, but certainly not least, priced at $45.00, this bag is worth a splurge but is actually a steal.

Ultimately, Giovanni Ventura is an exceptional company with a product line worth bragging about and drooling over. So, if you’re looking for a vibrant addition to your handbag collection, Giovanni Ventura is the right place to shop and this bag is the perfect fit for you!

Until next time,


P.S. – Feeling inspired?! Click the links throughout the article to make shopping as quick and easy as possible. Also, check out Giovanni Ventura’s Instagram account and throw them a follow to beautify your feed 😉

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