Brand Shoutout: Authentic Clothing

Even though I love getting dressed up as much as the next girl, comfort is easily one of my top priorities. Although, being comfortable does not require sacrificing your sense of style. In fact, being as chic as your are comfy is all too possible with one brand: Authentic Clothing.

When I got the opportunity to work with Authentic Clothing, I was absolutely ecstatic. Their products are unique, diverse, high quality and affordable. They’re the kind of company that can fuel your entire closet while keeping your wallet nice and cozy, and isn’t that really a dream come true when it comes to shopping? When I get a chance to work with a brand as new and impressive as this one, I get a little extra excited because I get to bring it to you guys with confidence; I believe in the brand as much as you eventually will once you add them to your collection of clothing and accessories.

Now, let’s get to the juicy details. After scouring through the website (and being tempted by a large majority of the products) I decided on a trendy t-shirt and matching beanie. The t-shirt is ridiculously comfortable, like I’m talking pajama comfortable. But, the design would be wasted if only worn in the bedroom. The intriguing word “NOTHING” surrounded by roses graces the shirt, and I read between the lines to realize that this message is entirely up to the user. For me, “NOTHING” meant that nothing could bother me while wearing this shirt, because I was cozy and confident in wearing something that I knew no one else had, but other people would want if they had the chance.


Now that’s a match made in Heaven.

While the tee is unique and different, it arrives right on time with the increasingly popular trend of embroidered flowers on clothing like jeans or jackets. The beanie, embroidered with a blooming rose, falls right into that trend in the best way. Both products are made with high-end material and adorned with intricate designs that separate this brand from the pack of other new apparel businesses. To say I’m satisfied is an understatement, and to say that I hope to work with this brand again is completely and utterly true.


I decided to pair these items with a pair of houndstooth patterned trousers, a jean jacket, my Chanel bag and a rose-colored pair of sunnies. I wanted to show the diversity of these articles; they could be dressed down with a pair of jeans and some Adidas, or dressed up with a pair of trousers.

At the end of the day, diversity and uniqueness in a closet is key. With Authentic Clothing, you’ll get those qualities at an affordable price, giving your wardrobe the exact boost it needs. So, whether you need an embroidered jean jacket or a comfy, trendy tee – Authentic Clothing is the way to go. Their graphic designs will elevate your closet from semi-edgy to full-on trendsetter. Get involved with this brand and it’s successful future, be one of the wave makers for both them and yourself. After all, a fashion statement is one of the loudest statements you can make, let Authentic Clothing help you make some noise.

Until next time,


P.S. – Like what you see? Check out the rest of Authentic Clothing’s collection at their website or their Instagram! 🙂


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