Trend Tip: The Designer Tee

Hey there, readers! So, I’ve been feeling A LOT of love for this particular trend and I figured I should share it with all of you. Here’s a confession: I absolutely love designer brands. I know some people say that brand names don’t matter, but I’m a sucker for them and, trust me, I wish I wasn’t (my wallet…and my boyfriend… would agree with me on that one, too). But, the good news is that as fabulous as designer brands are, there are some little steals to discover and some look-a-likes that’ll save your bank account and glamorize your wardrobe.


First off, let me tell you how I styled my new favorite Gucci t-shirt. I chose to pair it with a suede, mauve pleated midi-skirt, maroon booties, a faux fur brown coat, a pink pearl necklace and a red Gucci shoulder bag. What I love about this look is it’s casual glamour; I felt like an extra from the modernized reproduction of Great Gatsby and I was more than comfortable. The t-shirt really elevates this ensemble through its eye-catching design and simultaneously dresses it down with its simplistic, classic shape and style. On top of all of that, it brightens up the outfit and makes it entirely appropriate for a city daytime excursion to one of my new go-to restaurants, While We Were Young. As if the name wasn’t cute enough, it’s floral, Parisian elegance and its Instagram-able, delectable food and drinks places this establishment at the top of my list of favorite NYC restaurants. My outfit mimicked the restaurants tones of white and blush pink, and made me feel at home in this fabulous place.

Want to incorporate some designer (or designer inspired) tees into your wardrobe? Let me give you some helpful hints! First off, t-shirts are becoming a staple for many of the most infamous fashion designers in the game. Don’t believe me? Check out the lil’ collage below.

Now that I’ve backed up my claim, I do realize that I may be tempting you to purchase some of these super cute, practically irresistible pieces. But, fear not dear readers, because I come bearing some look-a-likes that’ll satisfy your designer cravings and take every ensemble to the next level! Here are my top five favorite options, all of which are from Etsy:

1. Etsy: GaloreHomeDecor 


2. Etsy: TheThriftyZone


3. Etsy: NoveltyThreadsLA 


4. Etsy: NomadicTREND


5. Etsy: CyanGroup


What do you guys think of my roundup? Feel free to comment below and let me know! But, in the meantime, if you’re feeling inspired by this blog post, I highly suggest you check out some of these stylish steals OR treat yourself and splurge on the real deal. Either way, you are going to look absolutely fabulous…but hey, what else is new? 😉

Until next time,


P.S. – Like what you see? Click the links throughout the blog post to make each beautiful piece yours!



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