Brand Shoutout: Delicate Holdings

Looking for your new go-to one piece for this summer season that won’t cost you an insane amount of money? If so, Delicate Holdings is the brand for you!

For whatever reason, it is impossible to find a bathing suit (especially a one piece!) that is as cute as it is affordable. Not to mention, the expensive and popular brands saturate the beach, making it hard to stand out from the crowd. That’s why once I found Delicate Holdings, I was beyond excited.

When they asked me to pick my favorite thing, I couldn’t resist the Delicate Holdings black one piece swimsuit. I gravitated towards its unique design that incorporates mesh at the high neckline, sides and back, complimenting the open back towards the lower end of the swimsuit. The simplistic, yet edgy style is something I haven’t seen before, and that made it even more appealing to me. It’s comfortable, flattering and extremely affordable at $15.95, so it really is as simple as “add to cart” and “check out” to get the bathing suit of your summertime dreams.

Aside from my lovely suit, they offer other trendy one-pieces and bikini sets all within a similar price range. So, no matter what your taste is you are sure to find something you’ll adore!

Ready to shop? Grab one of Delicate Holding’s many adorable swimsuits and strut your stuff this beach season!

Until next time,


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